• Sponsor Arlene

    Often we are asked to share our powerful presentations for schools, non-profit organizations and associations. This is only possible through our Sponsorship Program. We encourage you to become one of our Corporate or Individual sponsors.

    This is how it works:

    A company or individual completes a Sponsorship questionnaire.

    When needed, we will schedule a presentation date for a school, non-profit organization or association. The school or non-profit organization agrees to pay as much as possible of the cost. We will then contact the sponsor with details of the event. You will compensate the school or organization for the remaining cost.

    Upon completion of the presentation, a letter is sent to the sponsor detailing how the monies were used in supporting the school or non-profit organization. Included in this letter is the organization’s tax ID number so that sponsors have clear documentation for their tax records. Since the non-profit entity typically receives federal and state grants, the use of the sponsorship funds demonstrates the positive effort on the part of the non-profit to go into the community and develop partnerships with corporate and individual sponsors.
    When a non-profit group is chosen to receive the benefit of sponsorship through a conference, workshop, or seminar, the results are far-reaching. They could include, but are not limited to:

    • More courage to face the challenges in their career, family, and community.
    • More clarity regarding their influence in their workplace
    • More skills in relating to others, including their career, family, and community.
    • More energy and motivation to take the next step in their success.
    • Reminder of the Inspiration Chip™ Theory

    In addition to the benefit of giving to others the potential to improve their lives, there are additional benefits available to the Sponsors that include:

    • Your donation may be tax-deductible since your sponsorship may go to support a non-profit group. (Always check with your CPA)
    • Acknowledgement on our website and e-newsletter with your permission.
    • Invitation to attend the presentation made possible by your sponsorship.
    • Opportunity to introduce the speaker(s).
    • Your logo included on our handouts.
    • Your banner displayed at the presentation.
    • 50% off the price to have Dr. Kaiser or Diedra Wallis speak to your business group.
    • A continuing relationship with an organization promoting positive mental health and opportunities for others that can be far-reaching.