• Programs for Non-Profits

    Many, many years ago, I began my speaking career by presenting for free to over 350 service organizations. I perfected my craft of storytelling, learned to speak within a strict time limit, developed relevant content, and tried out new material. The audience size was typically from 5 to 50 and I learned to adjust to different room arrangements.

    Today my time is much more limited. However, I am committed to delivering high-quality presentations on topics of interest to a broad range of people within the non-profit sector.

    After you have read the titles and descriptions, let’s have a meaningful conversation to see if we are a match. If not, I can recommend other qualified speakers who can more effectively meet your expectations and needs.




    The Inspiration Chip™ Theory: A Spark of Hope in Challenging Times

    We are in the midst of discouraging and challenging times. If ever there was a time needed for hope, it is now. In this well-received presentation, Arlene shares poignant stories, research, and practical examples to enlighten, validate and inspire others. The content is rich, and Arlene is a master at involving her audience through her enthusiastic approach. Participants will receive their own Inspiration Chip™ as a reminder of the powerful concepts shared.

    Dare to Dream Again: Get Back on the Horse!

    Everyone has a particular dream of success. Perhaps the dream includes advancement in education, a job promotion, travel, marriage, being a better employee, parent, friend, or manager. Whatever the dream, this entertaining keynote or workshop has a message for all who wish to succeed. In this insightful, humorous, and touching presentation, Arlene shares how she achieved her dream of owning and learning to ride a horse. Participants will explore their own dreams and will be encouraged to continue to pursue them. You do not need to be an equestrian to enjoy this motivating session!

    PET Loss:  Do Animals Go to Heaven?

    This is an extraordinary account of finding the answer to this perplexing question. Over the years, Arlene has said goodbye to her animal companions including dogs, cats, horses, and even fish.  Yes, she even wept over the loss of her guppy. Arlene relates the mesmerizing details of her wolf/malamute who was missing for two years yet miraculously returned.

    Although “pet loss” can be a sad subject it is a reality for pet lovers. This keynote is by no means a “downer” for the audience but is dedicated to giving the participants: hope, courage, inspiration, and healing. Also, recommendations as to how others can support those grieving the loss of a beloved pet.

    The Power and Perils of Expectations: How to Build Better Relationships Between Parents and Teachers

    Parents and teachers often have difficulty communicating in a way that creates a win-win situation for their child. This presentation introduces ideas that allow parents and teachers to effectively communicate, connect, and create a partnership that will benefit everyone concerned. This presentation can be adapted for teachers, parents, or both.