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    I believe with all my heart that I do the preparation for any event, but it is the Holy Spirit who guides me. I stand in awe and in praise of God’s faithfulness and intelligence. The purpose of my stories, humor and creative antics is to shine the spotlight on His magnificence and bless the participants. In this process I unashamedly admit: I love to be in front of an audience…it is one of my most favorite things to do!

    After you have read my statement of faith and the titles, let’s have a meaningful conversation to see if we are a match. If not, I can recommend other qualified speakers who can more effectively meet your expectations and needs.

    My Statement of Faith:

    Salvation is by grace, a free gift from God, apart from good works. Salvation is evident through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other means for man’s salvation.

    One God eternally exists in three persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    The Bible is the inspired Word of God.



    These presentations have been successfully delivered as a keynote or workshop for a conference, convention, synod, citywide prayer breakfast, church, school, and/or retreat.

    The Inspiration Chip™ Theory: Walking With God

    This popular fast-paced, dynamic and humorous presentation inspires audiences to reach new levels of commitment in their relationship with Christ. Arlene shares poignant stories, Biblical truths and practical examples. The content is rich, and Arlene is a master at involving her audience through her enthusiastic approach. Participants will receive their own Inspiration Chip™ as a reminder of their importance in the Kingdom of God and His faithfulness to each individual.

    A Woman of Worth: That’s YOU!!!

    Do you ever:

    • Feel as if you can never compare with other women who seem to have it all together?
    • Think that your past has prevented you from becoming who you always thought you’d be?
    • Think that you are a failure because you are not Martha Stewart, with the cooking and cleaning thing mastered to a “T”?
    • Feel overwhelmed by the demands of raising children?
    • Think that you’re just not good enough for God to love?

    Then this presentation is for you. During this session, you will be given keys to unlock the doors that are preventing you from meeting the challenges of daily living. Those keys are the simple answers that are scattered throughout the Bible. The answers involve the greatest relationship of all. Come for a time of insight, laughter, and validation!

    FROG FaithFROG Faith: How to Live a Vibrant Life for God

    This delightful and lighthearted presentation can involve audience participation in a non-threatening but courageous way.  Through Arlene’s hilarious costume and entertaining antics, she illustrates a powerful link between fear and faith. This is a memorable presentation for Christians and those pondering the faith.

    PET Loss: Do Animals Go to Heaven?

    This is an extraordinary account of finding the answer to this perplexing question. Over the years Arlene has said goodbye to her animal companions including dogs, cats, horses, and even fish, yes, she even wept over the loss of her guppy. Arlene relates the mesmerizing details of her wolf/malamute who was missing for two years yet miraculously returned.

    Although “pet loss” can be a sad subject it is a reality for pet lovers. This keynote is by no means a “downer” for the audience but is dedicated to giving the participants: hope, courage, inspiration, and healing. Also, recommendations as to how others can support those grieving the loss of a beloved pet.

    Walking with God: How to Keep Your Faith

    This series can be delivered in one to four sessions over the course of a retreat or conference. It incorporates some of the content from the previous titles described: The Inspiration Chip™ theory, Frog Faith, and A Woman of Worth. This presentation is designed for those exploring the faith as well as those who have been dedicated to Christ for many years. The objectives include guiding the participants to a desire and motivation to:

    • move forward in a deeper relationship with Christ
    • connect with others in a deeper relationship
    • continue the accountability, insight, and growth in the Christian faith long after the retreat

    The titles for the four sessions may be changed to fit your selected theme:

    • A Walk through the Past, or, My Travel Shoes Keep Walking Me Back to Jesus
    • A Walk in Obedience, or, Why Struggle, Life’s too Short to Wear Tight-Fitting Shoes
    • A Walk in Celebration, or, Put on Your Frog Feet and Jump for Joy!
    • A Walk in Power, or, Put on Your Traveling Shoes, We’re Stepping Out!