• Business Clients

    What People Are Saying about Arlene . . .

    I was particularly pleased with how you incorporated our products into your Power-Point presentation, and how you wove in the idea of Unique Abilities from our previous retreat. I am confident that your “bowl of chips” will become a part of the Platinum vernacular for years to come.

    Margo Garcia Pardini, Manager, Organizational Development – Platinum Performance

    …I appreciated your interest in Job Corps and how well you researched your presentation by visiting a Center. That was terrific? Your generosity and willingness to participate wholeheartedly in the process sent a real message to me.

    Claudia Schuster, Program Manager – US Department of Labor/Job Corps

    We were all pleased and empowered by your presentation at the ladies event. Continuation of the spirit and inspiring "chips" attitude has been felt all week. You would have been very proud to see and hear the ladies comments from their experience. We hope to keep that motivation, teamwork and image growth, going strong within our workplace and personal lives of our employees for a long time.

    Christian Davis, Promotions, Marketing and Special Events – Air Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA

    A repeat audience can be a real challenge for a motivational speaker. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with some of the people beforehand so you understood their issues and were able to tailor your presentation. Your fresh approach had an effect on our group for the rest of the day.

    Jay Bhalla, Program Manager – PG&E, San Francisco, CA

    Arlene, you were terrific! Your years as a junior high school teacher have trained you well. The audience’s laughter, tears, and standing ovation attest to your expertise in communicating your dynamic message.

    Dr. David Foege, J.D.,Ph.D., CEO – Dewfick Development Company Inc.


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