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    In my years of working and speaking for academic organizations, I have found that many of their issues and concerns are similar to those in the corporate world – how do we create a sense of teamwork and motivate employees?

    How do we inspire those who have lost their fire? It occurred to me that teachers and administrators ultimately prepare people for the corporate world, and I believe that we can learn a lot from each other.

    I provide practical ideas designed to strengthen relationships in the workplace among employees, managers and clients. I speak to those who are discouraged, disappointed and frustrated as well as those who are excited and motivated in their careers.

    I am committed to delivering a high-quality presentation and can tailor most of my sessions to meet the specific needs of your organization.

    After you have read the titles and descriptions, let’s have a meaningful conversation to see if we are a match. If not, I can recommend other qualified speakers who can more effectively meet your expectations and needs.




    The Inspiration Chip™ Theory: A Spark of Hope in Challenging Times

    Yes, we are in the midst of discouraging and challenging times. If ever there was a time needed for hope and leadership it is now. In this well received presentation Arlene shares poignant stories, research, and practical examples to enlighten, validate and inspire others. The content is rich, and Arlene is a master at involving her audience through her enthusiastic approach. Participants will receive their own Inspiration Chip™ as a reminder of the powerful concepts shared. This presentation has stood the test of time and repeatedly rates high among an audience.

    Presentation Skills for the Professional

    Statistics show that many people fear public speaking more than snakes, illness or death. Many have missed career or other opportunities because of this fear. In this presentation participants will learn skills and techniques to be more relaxed, confident and effective as they begin the journey to improve their presentation skills. Topics include: dealing with anxiety, organizing your thoughts, using effective gestures and eye contact, telling your own stories with a powerful message, using your speaking area to your advantage, how to read your audience, and how to enjoy the process of learning and practicing public speaking.

    Dare to Dream Again: Get Back on the Horse!

    Everyone has a particular dream of success. Perhaps the dream includes advancement in education, a job promotion, travel, marriage, being a better employee, parent, friend or manager. Whatever the dream, this entertaining keynote or workshop has a message for all who wish to succeed. In this insightful, humorous and touching presentation, Arlene shares how she achieved her dream of owning and learning to ride a horse. Participants will explore their own dreams and will be encouraged to continue to pursue them. You do not need to be an equestrian to enjoy this motivating session!

    Capture the Hero within You

    Who were your heroes when you were growing up? Did you dream or fantasize about walking in their shoes? In this multimedia presentation, Arlene demonstrates her flair for comedy and drama through a variety of characterizations – from a famous movie star to a skilled brain surgeon and the in-between heroes of our day. Learn how to tap into the hero within YOU and reach YOUR potential.