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    Arlene and RoxieMy Mission: To enlighten, validate, and inspire for life those whom God places in my path.

    Perhaps it is her 25 years of experience in public education, capturing the energy and attention of more than 4,000 students. Perhaps it is the positive connections she made with her colleagues and the parents of her students. Perhaps it is her speaking experience where she has touched the lives of thousands of people who continue to carry their Inspiration Chips™.

    Whatever the reasons, Arlene has developed a unique ability to connect with all people, whether they be educators, corporate leaders, parents, students, or attendees at a church conference.

    Matching her content with the needs of her audience is most important to Arlene. She does this successfully through her illustrations, research, and stories sprinkled with humor. All of this captivates her audience and sustains learning long after her presentation has ended.

    A personal note from Arlene


    Thanks for clicking to this part of my website. You will notice that I offer three choices to consider in my presentations. If you are looking for a speaker to bring a new perspective with insight and wisdom to your education or business program, you may want to select the Education or Business section to peruse.

    Education, Business

    I have presented programs for a variety of associations, corporations, and education institutions during the past 25 years. The program titles indicate the diversity and uniqueness of each venue. Also, check out the testimonials, and if you would like to talk with a client, I can provide personal contact information.


    Perhaps you are looking for just the right speaker for your next Christian retreat, conference, or school program. Then I would invite you to spend time in the Christian section. You will become aware of my desire to share God’s Word through study and application. I use a good dose of humor while integrating real life examples demonstrating God’s love, forgiveness, restoration, and much more.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to email me directly with questions or thoughts at drarlenekaiser@mac.com.