• Thanks Angelina!

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    Mom and I were excited about arriving in Las Vegas to see The Cher Show.  As we approached the ticket counter at the showroom I recognized the kind lady who had helped months before in getting our show tickets to see another of mom’s favorite celebrities, Bette Midler. 

    “Hi Angelina!  How are your kids?  How are the newly-weds doing?”, I asked as I remembered our past conversation.  As her associate, Christine, helped us select our seating location.  I asked Christine where she was from. “Hawaii,” she responded. “What are you doing here?” I asked her.  I thought she might be in high school or a college student.  “Well, I have four kids and the cost of living in Hawaii was too difficult. “Four kids! Wow, I would never have believed you had that many children.” 

    From that point on, our conversation (besides reserving our seats) became kid orientated.  I gave Christine my $1,000 piece of advice in raising kids, which I learned from Dr. Sid Simon, Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts.

    AngelinaAngelina added, that as a single mom she had another suggestion that contributed to the success of raising her kids, who were now all grown up.  And from our previous conversations it was clear that the relationship with her adult children was a connection to be admired.  She continued, “One evening a month was designated as  “The Round Table.” 

    “During that evening, I asked my children what they wanted me to improve on during the past month.  Maybe it was too many hot dogs, or I had embarrassed them by what I wore to the parent conference at their school.  Then I also told them what I would have liked from them.  

    At the conclusion of The Round Table, the kids would select the next months meeting date, the dinner menu, and we scheduled it on the family calendar.  Nothing was allowed to interfere with our selected date for The Round Table meeting.

    Some of my contemporaries, who were also parents, told me it was a waste of time to have a Round Table every month!  Sadly, many of those parents do not have as successful a relationship with their kids as I do.”

    Hummmmm, what a great idea, a structured Round Table scheduled once a month.  What a great way for parents and kids to communicate their needs, wishes, feelings and concerns. 

    Best of all, what a great way for parents to model good communication skills by being vulnerable, making the effort, and keeping the commitment. 

    Imagine, being in a family as a grown up and knowing you could always schedule “The Round Table.”

    We went to buy tickets to see the dazzling “Cher Show” and we were given a bonus in getting the dazzling practical advice of time-tested successful parenting skills.  

    Thanks Angelina!


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